Is Cleaning Your Carpet with Bleach A Good Idea?

Carpet with Bleach

Bleach has been popular for decades when it comes to cleaning various parts of the house. This cleaning chemical can be effective in removing germs from different surfaces. Millions of homeowners use bleach to disinfect their bathrooms, to wipe the countertops in their kitchen, and to keep their white clothes even whiter.

Carpet with Bleach

When it comes to carpet cleaning, though, some people insist that bleach isn’t a suitable cleaning product, while others swear that bleach is one of the most effective cleaning agents out there.

But how true are these claims? Is cleaning your carpet with bleach really a good idea?

Many carpet experts advise the use of bleach in cleaning carpets only if you have already done everything you can to remove a stubborn stain, to no avail. This is because it is not guaranteed that bleach can remove the particular stain you want to get rid of, and using bleach does have its drawbacks.

Since bleach is a disinfectant, it can be excellent in ridding your carpets of dangerous germs from stains from pet urine or blood stain.

But, if you are planning to use bleach to clean your carpets, keep in mind that bleach can damage dyed carpets as well as wool carpets. So, make sure that you only use bleach on white carpets and carpets not made from wool materials.

In addition, don’t forget that bleach can pose a threat to one’s health when inhaled. Bleach can also be dangerous when it comes in contact with skin. So, use protective gloves and mask before you use it to clean your carpet.

Another drawback of using bleach on your carpet is that this chemical can damage your carpet backing and even the pad underneath once the bleach seeps into the carpet fibers. If you are to use bleach for spot cleaning, use the bleach sparingly. Diluting the bleach in water will also help in minimizing the potential damage it can cause.

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