Carpet Stains that are Hardest to Remove

Carpet Stains

Stains on a carpet is never good news. It could be very difficult and stressful to remove them. If left untreated for a long time, some carpet stains can void your carpet of its warranty. In addition, some stains can even be so damaging that they are impossible to remove.

Surely, no matter what type of carpet stain, you wouldn’t want it on your carpet – even pure, colorless, odorless water can be troublesome if spilled on your carpet. But here are some of the substances that can be most distressing if they have left stains on your carpet. So, while accidents are usually unavoidable, try to avoid spilling these things on your carpet if possible:

Pet urine – pet accidents can be a big problem. As a matter of fact, some carpet manufacturers automatically void your carpet warranty if your carpet was damaged by pet urine. Many carpet cleaning companies will be able to remove urine odor and stain from carpets, though. But to be able to avoid incidents of pet accidents, it’s best if you have your pet trained to ‘do their business’ in designated places away from your carpet.

Oil – oil of any kind – cooking oil, baby oil, grease, and so forth, can cause major damage to your carpet. Oil can be very hard to remove, and if not removed sooner, it will attract more grime and make your carpet even dirtier. Deep carpet cleaning and hot water extraction methods courtesy of expert carpet cleaners should be able to take care of it for you. You can avoid oil spills on your carpet if you exclusively keep your grease and oil on non-carpeted areas such as your kitchen.

Ink – ink stains can be really ugly to look at on almost any surface. Stains caused by ink can be quite challenging to get rid of even with over-the-counter ink stain remover. Your best bet would still be professional carpet cleaners. If you have a home office where you keep ink bottles, avoid using light colored carpets for its floors.